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An object is situated so that its center of mass is located at the origin.Three forces X,Y, and Z act on the object at the same time. Force X passes through the point (-3, -4), forve Y passes through the point (5,-12), and force Z passes throught the point (15,8). Forces X,Y, and Z have magnitures of 80,91, and 51 Newtons respectively. Make a sketch of the situation then find the magnitude and direction of the resultant force acting on the object.

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    X: 80*(-3i-4j)/5 = -48i - 64j
    Y: 91*(5i-12j)/13 = 35i - 84j
    Z: 51*(15i+8j)/17 = 45i + 24j
    sum: 32i -124j = 128N at -75.5°

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