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Writeacher, can you check these statements, please? Thank you.

1) Is it possible to use the expression "lose the bus"?
I know one should say "miss the bus" but I just wanted to know if "lose" is a mistake.
2) Things are getting better since the government introduced the bag tax.
Indirect speech: He said that things were getting better since they government had introduced the bag tax.
3) He had to park his car in a metred space but he realized he didn't have enough coins (on him?).
4) So it took him time to find a cafè where he could have his money changed. He is not going to cut it so close for his next interview.
5) You needn't have phoned me. It wasn't necessary for you to phone me.
(but you did)
You didn't have to phone me (you didn't phone me)

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    1. "lose" wouldst be a mistake, yes!

    In 2, use "the" instead of "they."

    4. ... where he could get some change. ("change" refers to coins instead of bills)

    All the rest is fine.

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    *would* (my typo!)

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