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physics....plzzz help

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A 2.5 kg wooden block slides from rest down an inclined plane that makes an angle of 30o with the horizontal. If the plane has a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.20, what is the speed of the block after slipping a distance of 2.0 m?

  • physics....plzzz help -

    m = 2.5 kg, α = 30º, s =2, k = 0.2

    ΔPE =KE +W(fr)
    ΔPE = m•g•Δh =m•g•s•sinα
    KE = m•v²/2,
    W(fr) = k•N•s= k• m•g•cosα•s
    m•g•s•sinα = m•v²/2 + m•g•cosα•s,
    v= sqrt{2•g•s(sinα –k• cosα} =
    = sqrt{2•9.8•2(0.5 -0.2•0.866)} =
    =3.58 m/s

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