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More spanish to check/please

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Use saber or conocer.

1-Francisco sabe escribir para revistas

2-Jorge y Anita conocen Miami

3-Yo  conozco una reporta famosa

4-Alma conoce cuántas personas viven en Miami

5-Yo se la dirección del canal de televisión


  • More spanish to check/please -

    3. There is an error here somewhere because it's either "un reporte" (a report or "una reportera" (a reporter). In any event it is a THING if there is no "personal a" in front of it. Yo conozco un reporte (I am acquainted with a report) OR Yo conozco a una reportera (I am acquainted with a (female) reporter.

    4. This is a fact that she knows = sabe (she knows how many people live in Miami rather than she is acquainted with how many people live there.

    5. Don't forget the necessary accent mark on "sé" because otherwise it could be confused with the reflexive/indirect-object pronoun: ella se lave OR se lo lava (the car for someone else, etc.)

    Sorry, but y ou had a lot of trouble with these five.


  • More spanish to check/please -

    3- YO conozco una reportera famosa .
    Is it right?

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