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Please i need help, Im trying so hard on this and i just cant do it. Im suppose to look at the painting Magdalene with Smoking Flame by Georges de la Tour, and use the art criticism approach to explain why this piece of art is a success or failure in the art world. I know the 4 steps of art criticism are description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment. My book explains the steps. But i mean they make you look for hues in the picture, and how the principles and elements of the picture work together. Im NOT good at this stuff, I don't know how to analize a picture... I cant tell the different hues of it.. or how to use these different steps!

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    Start with the first link here (it will bring up a PDF file) and see if that helps. There are other links here that should be helpful, too.

    Give it a try and let us know what you come up with.

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    I have all the elements down, im just struggling on analysis, like where i have to describe how the elements of art, and principles of art are used. I have no idea how they're used.
    I know the elements of art are like different colors and hues and such, and i wrote down like the curvy lines in her dress, etc.

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    You also need to focus on the way the painter used light in this. Notice what's in full light, and notice what is in the shadows.

    What is she looking at? What is she holding in her hand? Do they complement each other? (complement is another word for balance) What do you think she is thinking?

    Turn your imagination loose. Lighten up! Remember that artworks are to be interpreted by the rest of us, and not everyone will see the same things.

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    Alright thank you,
    Yeah Its just hard to understand art sometimes,
    but ill let you know if i need more help, but i think i got it from here! :)

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    You're welcome. Let us know what you come up with.

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    Ok i basically finished it, but i need to know what the painting means, and what the mood of the painting is.
    Now i think the painting means how shes thinking about her existence, and the skull represents death, but i don't know what the flame represents.
    As for the mood, im not sure, maybe confused? lonely ?

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