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Can you please tell me if the following sentences were written by a native speaker? Thank you, Writeacher.

1) The usefulness of the study of languages is due not only to the frequent political and commercial interests, but also to the increasing number of jobs which require a knowledge of at least one foreign language.
2) This linguistic enrichment makes a determining contribution to the greatest possibility of cooperation.
3) Today, considering the difficulties faced by young people in finding a job at the end of their studies, better possibilities of studying languages would help solve the problem of unemployment, which is particularly serious in the industrialized countries.

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    1 -- definitely

    2 -- maybe, but I'm not sure -- it's quite vague and "airy"!! (1 and 3 have actual specifics in them.)

    3 -- maybe, but I'm not sure. The word "the" in front of "industrialized countries" is not usual for a native English-speaker.

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