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9. Which of the following was not a major influence of the Modernist writers? (1 point)
World War I
World War II

10. An author’s attitude toward a piece of work is (1 point)

11. In Hemingway’s short story, “In Another Country,” why does the narrator see himself as different from the other wounded soldiers who visit the hospital? (1 point)
He viewed himself as better than the other soldiers.
He thought the other soldiers were weak.
He believed the wounded soldiers were heroic and he was not.
He knew that he could speak English and the other soldiers could not.

12. When an author uses a concrete object to represent an idea or emotion it is called (1 point)

13. What does “renaissance” mean? (1 point)

My Answers:

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    The only right answer is 11.

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    Next time he call and say Hurricane's name, man, tell that n*gga "suck a d*ck!"

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