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Stuck again...

"Determine the charge on the complex:


I'm having problems even writing a formula for this one! Is it [Co(2)(NH2CH2CH2NH2)Cl]Cl ??? Maybe if I could figure out the formula I'd be better at figuring out the charge.

Thank you!

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    I may not write it in the proper order but the formula is
    the diaqua means (H2O)2
    dichloro means Cl2
    ethylenediamine means (en)
    Co(III) means Co^3+.
    The only charges are 3+ for Co, 1- each for chloro and that's it. en is neutral. H2O is neutral.

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    YAY! Thanks, that was a tough one.

    Formula didn't matter so much as figuring out the charge. +1 was it! You were a wonderful help, as always!

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