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Please help me i don't know how to do this.
How do i create atmosphere in writing.

Create a first-person narrator (the main character tells the story using "I") and imagine a vivid scene for him or her.

Imagine all of the senses involved in your scene---sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

Use your narrator's reaction to the atmosphere to help your reader experience it directly.

Write vivid descriptions using strong nouns and verbs as well as adjectives.

A well-chosen metaphor, simile, allusion, or personification can capture the feeling of a place.

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    At least give me some ideas i don't want you to do this for me just need some help on how to get started

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    Read at least a few paragraphs of these Edgar Allan Poe stories. Note how they create atmospheres of gloom and pending horror. Pay especial attention to the adjectives.




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    As I am not mistaken you may find a sample on the similar topic at Primewriting site.I am their constant user and I recommend you try it too. I am confident they will accomplish all the points of the task.

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