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physics plz

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Can you help please

Question1: A car makes a banked turn on a "real" road (meaning you can not ignore friction), which of the following are forces that act on the car:
(for full credit you must select ALL that are true)
A)centripetal force

B) friction

C) normal force from the road

D) weight of the car

Question 2: You are pulling a sled along a flat stretch of snow. You are pulling on the rope such that it makes an angle of 30 degrees up from the horizontal. What is the correct relationship in this case between the normal force from the ground on the sled and the weight of the sled?

A)they are equal

B) the normal force is greater than the weight

C) the normal force is less than the weight.

D) it depends on whether or not your are accelerating the sled

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  • physics plz -

    Q1: A,B,C,D.

    Q2: A.

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