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Chemistry questions

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1) Calculate the mass of NaHCO3 required to generate 50mL of CO2, at 1 atm. pressure and 25*C.

Do I need to use PV=nRT?

where for n it will be both my n's from C and O2 together?

2) Solubility of CO2 in water at 25* is 0.145g in 100mL. Assuming the solubility of CO2 is the same in the acetic acid solution as in water, how much CO2 (in mL) might be dissolved in the 5,0mL used for each reaction?

Here do I simply do (0.145g / 100mL)x5.0 mL?

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    1. First, balance the equation. Yes, use PV = nRT to solve for moles CO2, the convert mols CO2 to mols NaHCO3, and from there to grams NaHCO3.

    2. I think you're on the money for #2.

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    thank you Bob!

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