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Write whether a sentence is simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex.

5-The day of the party arrived, and everyone showed up at the Huang's house in costume. Compound

6-Kim wanted a new watch for a graduation gift. Simple

7-Because she was swimmer,she wanted one that was waterproof. Complex

8-Almost all good watches are waterproof
today. Simple

9-Kim went to the store with her friend Angie, and together they shopped for a waterproof watch that was not too expensive. Compound-complex

10-She found the perfect watch in the first place they looked, and she bought it. Compound

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    Your answers are right for the first five.

    However, 10, is confusing. The word "that" is understood before "they looked." This is a compound-complex sentence because it has two independent clauses and a dependent clause.

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    I need help with ma homework

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