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Word box: Around the world,into the air,with each other,in the nets,into a tight circle,In a single day,in front of ships,near people,along the bottom,in the ocean,into the circling fish

Dolphins are some of the most graceful animals that live IN THE OCEAN. They can swim as fast as 25 miles per hour and sometimes leap high INTO THE AIR.Dolphins have been seen swimming IN FRONT OF SHIPS to catch the bow wave.They work together to force fish INTO A TIGHT CIRLCE.The dolphins then take turns dashing INTO THE CIRCLING FISH.By working together,dolphins catch their pray. IN A SINGLE DAY,a dolphin can eat thirty to forty pounds of fish!
AROUND THE WORLD,fishing vessels are a real danger.These boats sometimes use huge nets that drag ALONG THE BOTTOM of the ocean.Dolphins can get caught IN THE NETS.Fortunately,newer net designs have helped dolphins escape.Dolphins are very curios and like to be NEAR PEOPLE.Dolphins communicate WITH EACH OTHER using clicks,chirps,and actions.One day,scientists hope to communicate with these creatures.

The words in caps are my answers.

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