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Na₂CO₃ (s) + 2HCL (ag) → 2NaCl (ag) + CO₂ + H₂O (l)

If 4.25g of sodium carbonate is reacted completely with excess hydrochloric acid as 3M HCl, how many mL of HCl would be consumed? Note: Assume 3M HCl contains 3.00 moles of HCl per liter of solution.

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    mols Na2CO3 = grams/molar mass
    mols HCl = 2x mols Na2CO3 (from the coefficients).
    M HCl = mols HC/L HCl.
    You know M HCl and mols HCl, solve for L and convert to mL.
    By the way, you don't need to assume that 3M HCl contains 3 mols HCl/L soln. Why? Because that IS the definition of M. It DOES contain 3 mols HCl/L soln.

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