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Hey, I'm confused on this one problem and can you help me please? Thanks a bunch! :]
The problem is:
The figure consists of a square with 4 half circles surrounding it. If the perimeter of the figure is 87 yards, what is the radius of each half circle? What is the area of the square? Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.

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    A square has 4 equal sides, so 87/4 will give you the length of one side, which happens to be 21.75 yards. Not only is this the length of a side of a square, but it is also the diameter of the half circle. Do 21.75/2 to get the radius, which comes out to be 10.875 yards. As for the area of the square, just square the length of a side. 21.75^2 = 473.0625 yards.

    So your final answers:

    r = 10.875 yards
    A = 473.0625 yards

    Round however you'd like.

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