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Can you please check if the following examples containing phrasal verbs are possible? Thank you, Writeacher.

1) She sent her children off to school.
She had to change a tyre, but she didn’t know how to set about it. (+ ing)
2) The carpet has worn off. After an hour the pain began to wear off.
3) It took us time to grow into the job.
My grandfather handed down his gold watch to me.
Now I’ll hand over to the Glasgow studio.
4) He handed his winnings over to her.
Try to hang on until the ambulance arrives.
5) He is still holding information back from the police.
The accident held up traffic for an hour.
6) They held up a bank.
They kept on working although it was past ten p.m.
You shouldn’t keep any secrets from me.
7) Am I keeping you from work?
We were held up in a traffic jam.
The taxpayer will end up paying for the government’s mistakes.

  • Foreign languages -

    3 - 7 are all fine.

    In 1, ... how to go about doing that.

    In 2, ... carpet has worn out.

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