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for glass castle memoir i finally get assignment ms. sue i write persuasive essay, b/w deduction and induction i think deduction be easy cause i only hve to support my main points. i need to do it on dad. i not know what topic to do it on, and how to start. basically parents failed raising kids up and providing them with even basic needs. they face lots of hardships and struggle to find food, leaking roof over head, no heat, dirty clothes.

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    What is your thesis? What are you trying to persuade your audience to think?

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    that the parents could do better raising children

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    This site may help you.


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    what do general premises mean in deduction?

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    i think induction be easier now

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    Your general premise is that parents should provide food and shelter for their children.

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    do general mean same thing as major?

    minor premise be that it be disgraceful for children to live with parents that do embarrasing things?

    Conclusion be that They could have lived happily as family and no bad moments they have to experience?

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    Yes, you're right. But please check with your teacher to be sure that is what s/he wants.

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    so that be all the main points i covered?

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