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Mr.dorkus lost five test papers.he found a summary of the missing scores which said that the mode of the scores was 90 the meadian was 85 and the mean was 83.The grades were whole numbers bettween 0 and 100. what is the lowest possible score of the missing test

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    Aren't all of the tests missing?

    Half of the scores are above and below 85 (median). More than one of the scores are 90 (mode).

    Mean (83) = Σx/n = Σx/5

    Σx = 83 * 5 = 415

    With two scores at the mode, 415 - 180 = 235 for the remaining three scores. If one score is on the median (85), this would leave 150 for the remaining two scores, both below the median (85). If one was 84, then the other would be 150-84 = 66

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