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ms. sue i have to write two paragraphs one in which i just say what type writer i be and the other one be explaining what type metaphor i be. for paragraph which tell what type writer i be, i hve little bit stuff i add, but i not know what else to say about me as writer? u please give me some points what to say? i want to say that i whenever i be stuck, there always be someone to guide me, like how wind pushes through tree, i not know how to describe this feeling.

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    When you write about the kind of writer you are, think about these questions:
    Do you like to use your imagination or write about facts?
    Do you use short or long sentences?
    You mentioned before that you take a while to think through ideas.


    I gave you some ideas about comparing you with a tree.

    A tree grows slowly, but eventually becomes a strong and sturdy plant. It helps creatures by providing shade, nesting places, and food.

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    thanks very much ms. sue :)

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    You're welcome, Mohammad.

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