Exponential Functions?!

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solve 9^(2x-3) > 4. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

The part in parenthesis is up at top like an exponent. I dont' know how to do this. Please help me.

  • Exponential Functions?! -

    find the value of x such that
    9^(2x-3) = 4
    ln both sides
    (2x-3) ln9 = ln4
    2x-3 = ln4/log9
    2x = 3 + ln4/ln9
    x = (3 + ln4/ln9)/2 = appr 1.82

    so x > 1.82

    let x = 1.81
    LS = 9^(.62) = 3.905..... < 4
    let x = 1.83
    LS = 9^(.66) = 4.26.. > 4

  • Exponential Functions?! -

    Ah, thank you so much!!! GOd bless you!

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