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Life orietantion

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A clear explanation of how drug addition is a human factor that may cause ill health

  • Life orietantion -

  • Life orietantion -

    I'm not an expert in this feild. I'm not even an adult. I'm a homeschooled high school senior. I've never done drugs. But about five years ago I witnessed an OD.

    He was in his late twenties. He'd been snorting heroine as he and his girlfriend were driving down the highway. He ODed (overdosed). My mom and I were driving by and noticed the gf looking around like she was lost. We pulled over. He was in some sort of coma and wasn't breathing. Mom did chest compressions while I called 911. When the EMTS got there they learned from the gf that they'd been doing drugs. They took him away in an ambulance. I never learned what happened to him.

    I don't know if any of this helps you or even answers your question. All I know is that his addiction nearly killed him (it may have; I don't know). His addiction led to a coma. His girlfriend, also on heroine, could not think straight. She couldn't act to save her boyfriend. I remember her skin had track marks where she'd shot up drugs before. She was kind of yellowish. Her eyes were bloodshot, She was not healthy. The drugs did that to her.

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