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In my other post I wrote
"I'm have other 3 that I want you to check to see if they are correct. BTW - I have one more question I have trouble with."

Here it is:
Why did the Louisiana Purchase important to the US?

Please help!
btw - I'm a little curious about this question also

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    Take a look at this map.

    Why do you think the Louisiana Purchase was important?

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    also I'm going to post my answer for that question I asked that I needed helped on (the one when you gave me the info., Why was Toussaint L' Ouverture important to Haiti?)

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    i looked at the map

    it seem big

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    My Answer - The immediate reason for the purchase was to provide continued access to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi River port of New Orleans.

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    That's true. But the Louisiana Purchase was huge and extended the United States a long way toward the west.

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    am i correct to that question

    Toussaint L'Ouverture led the slave revolt in Haiti - it was successful. This was he first successful revolt by the slaves in the new world. Napoleon was furious because Haiti was a major money source for France. This occurred in 1801. Napoleon sent 54 ships and 23,000 men to find this rebel, but he alluded them for a long time. Finally he was forced to surrender, he was put in chains, put on a French ship, put in prison, he died a year later, but Haiti was free. L'Ouverture was the slave grandson of an African king.
    i found this but I don't want to write all of this
    that would be plagiarizing and wrong

    how can i put this into one sentence
    Why was Toussaint L' Ouverture important to Haiti?
    The reason why Toussaint L' Ouverture important to Haiti is because .....

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    so that's the reason why Louisiana Purchase important to the US?

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    Laruen -- I'm sure you can figure out why L'Ouverture was important to Haiti and write it in one sentence.

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    He successfully played off the French against the British and Spanish to ensure the countries freedom.

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    is my answer is correct?

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    You have some unnecessary words there. Please read the first two sentences in the Wikipedia article I posted.

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