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Linda's teacher divided the class into groups of five and required each member of a group to meet with every other member of that group. How many meetings will each group have?

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    I know the answer is 10, but the problem is I can't find out the formula :/ if I only show the answer I won't get any credit and it'll be marked wrong.

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    5 per group.
    person x = 1st person meeting everyone
    x - 1, x - 2, x - 3, x-4 (no x - 5 because he/she is 5th person).
    Meeting count:4

    second person meeting everyone = y
    y - 1, y -2, y - 3,
    (no y -4 or y - 5 because he/she already met with person x and cannot meet with himself)
    Meeting count: 7

    third person meeting everyone = z
    z - 1, z - 2
    z has already met with y, z has already met with x, z cannot meet him/herself.
    Meeting count: 9

    fourth person meeting everyone = k
    k -1
    k has already met with x,y, and z. k cannot meet with himself

    Meeting count:10
    everyone has met with each other

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