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I have to write a short story for my class. I was wondering if you could help me with the title. I have the plot as a devastated teenage girl. She has parents that are alcoholic and neglect their daughter. She ends up running away hoping to run from all the pain. Her name is Kaylon and she finds a poisonous flower. The thorn pricks her skin and poisons her blood. Somehow it changes her life around. She hopes with what little hope she has left that her parents will open their eyes and make up for the life that they destroyed for her. Can you help with a title?

I was thinking as a title, something like "Running from Pain", or "Poisoned Runaway." I want something like that. Or something like "Poison in my Blood" or "Poisoned Flower." If you could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks to all and any help.

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    There are other forms of the word posion too, if this is the word that is stumping you. There is venom, toxin, and contagion.

    You could do soemthing like "Venom in My Veins" since her blood is poisoned.

    Also there is the phrase "Pick Your Posion," which refers to having two choose between two things of equal evil. A life on the run or a life of neglect - Kaylon has a choice. What's her posion going to be?

    As a note, I do like your suggest of "Poison in My Blood". Its just got a certain appeal to it.

    Ultimately, its what you think fits your story the best. As the Author, it is your masterpeice and you know the way it flows. If a title strikes you, use it.

  • Writing Help please!! -

    Thanks/ I actually have a list of titles for all the stories I write. Does this seem to inappropriate for a 12 year old to enter in a competition or what have you?

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