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there's a book named "In My Family" in Harcourt Trophies.

these are the questions I'm stuck on:
What is the goals of all the paintings that Carmen Lomas Garza paints.

A. to remember growing up in Kingsville, Texas
B. to encourage pride in the Mexican American heritage
C. to portray life in an mexican family
D. to reive memories of growing up near the mexican border

2.What do all the paintings in this selection have in common?
A. they show unhappy events in the painter's life
B.They show adults and children together.
C. they show celebrations of special events
D. they show special eventsfrom the painter's life

3.what can the viewer determine from looking at the artist's paintings
A. that her family is too big
B. that closeness within a family is imporant

4. why does the artist find it difficult at times tolet her paintings be sold?
A. she is used to having them around
B. she has a strong affection for them (i think its B.)

5.how is decorating cascarones the same as coloring eggs. how is it different.

I really need HELP! PLEASE!

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    I haven't read this book, so I can't help you.

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