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Look over the following sequence of numbers. What are the next 3 numbers in the pattern?what is the pattern rule?


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    This is (probably) a series with a recurrence relation:

    Some call this tribonacci numbers, from
    Fibonacci numbers where

  • math patterning -

    Thanks so much

  • math patterning -

    How do get the three numbers relative I understand that the number u get is the first to add for the next in the pattern?

  • math patterning -

    Are the three numbers 63. 89. 115???????

  • math patterning -

    Basically, you add the three last numbers to get the next, for example,
    2+3+6=11, ...
    So the next number is:
    11+20+37 = 68
    20+37+68 = ?

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