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You need to determine the density of a ceramic statue. If you suspend it from a spring scale, the scale reads 35.4 N. If you then lower the statue into a tub of water, so that it is completely submerged, the scale reads 12.4 N. What is the density?

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    There is a bouyancy force when submerged that is equal to 35.4 - 12.4 = 23.0 N
    The mass of displaced water is 23.0/9.8 = 2.347 kg= 2347 g
    The volume of displaced water (and the statue) is 2347/1.0 = 2347 cm^3
    The mass of the statue is 35.4/9.8 = 3.612 kg = 3612 g
    The density of the statue is 3612/2347 = ___ g/cm^3

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