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Would this be a good start to a short story? And what do you think i should say next?? This is for two things, my English class, and my blog.

Annabelle is a bright, smart and outgoing young twelve year old. Clifford is a easy going, adventurous eight year old. Annabelle and Clifford love to go on big adventures, but this one, was by far their most favorite. Annabelle and Clifford were out taking their dog sally for a walk. When suddenly Clifford shouted "Look over there, something shinny!". Annabelle and Clifford walked over to the mysterious item, and picked it up. Soon to find out that it was a gold coin that was half in the dirt, next to a old tree. Annabelle and Clifford studied the coin for quite some time, until they took it home to investigate it. When they reached their home, their mother, Hilary, called them for lunch. So their investigation will have to wait.

When they returned to their coin, they found it to be missing. They searched far and wide for their missing gold coin, but couldn't find it anywhere. Annabelle was worried that they wouldn't find their coin, but she knew she had to hold it in for her brother. When they looked everywhere they could think of, Annabelle and Clifford decided to take a walk. As they where on their walk Annabelle remembered something. She remembered that sally was with them, maybe she took it. They raced back home, only to find that sally had not taken it.

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    Dear Paisely Jane - This is a good idea, although it has some grammar and punctuation that needs to be fixed. As for what comes next, well, that could be anything.

    Mabye their mother found it and, since it was dirty, decided to clean it up a bit. Maybe their father came home and saw it, then took it into his study to look at it closer.

    Or maybe they left the window open and a magipie (a black and white bird that steals shiny objects to put in her nest) decided she liked the coin enough to take it. And yes, magpies are real birds and they really do take shiny things.

    These are just some ideas for you, but in the end, where you go with your story is completely up to you!

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