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How do I design a low pass filter for an Fc = 4000 Hz and a high pass filter for Fc =2000 Hz?

  • Circuits -

    1. RC Low-pass Filter
    Fc = 4000 Hz.
    R = 2000 Ohms(selected).

    C = 1/(2pi*F*Xc)=1/(6.28*4000*2000) =
    2*10^-8 Farads. = 0.02 uF.
    The output is measured across C.

    2. RC High-Pass Filter.
    R = 4700 Ohms(selected).

    C = 1/(6.28*2000*4700) = 1.69*10^-8 Farads = 0.0169 uF.
    The output is measured across R.

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