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An air bubble of volume 15 cc is formed at a depth of 50 m in a lake. If the temperature of the bubble while rising remains constant then what will be the volume of the bubble at the surface?(Given: g=10 m/s2 & atm. pressure = 1.0 * 100000 Pa)

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    p1•V1 = p2•V2,
    ρ•g•h• V1 = p2•V2,
    V2 = ρ•g•h• V1/ p2,
    ρ = 1000 kg/m^3 is the density of water,
    p is the atm. pressure

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    i am not getting the answer which is 90cc

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    take p1= ro*g*h + p atmospheric
    then u will get it:



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