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Chemistry(Please check answer)

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The Ksp values for three salts are given:

AgCl = 1.0e-10
Ag2CO3 = 6.3e-10
Ag3PO4 = 2.0e-21

Determine the order of solubility for these three salts.

My answer is AgCl > Ag2CO3 > Ag3PO4.

Would you agree? Thank you.

  • Chemistry(Please check answer) -

    Is that most to least soluble or least to most soluble?

  • Chemistry(Please check answer) -

    most to least soluble. AgCl is more soluble than Ag2CO3 which is more soluble than Ag3PO4.

  • Chemistry(Please check answer) -

    Ag2CO3 is the most soluble; Aag3PO4 is the least.
    You must go through the Ksp and calculate the solubility of each. You can NOT look at the Ksp values and tell from that.

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