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ms. sue for my essay teacher say i have to give example when i say for movie a beautiful mind when john start interacting with delusions, this effects his job and relationships. what example i put here? you please make my below sentence proper and tell if it be good example?

John's mind wonders off when he's giving a bath to his son in the tub. Alicia comes in time to save her son from drowning. Nash tell her that his friend charles be watching their son, and this lead to argument.

She also say for this one add example..

John nash also got hallucinations - - give example

i not know what to say for this one the only hallucinations he get be part of his delusions.

  • ms. sue -

    That looks like a good example. Minor English corrections:
    Nash tell hers that his friend Charles was watching their son. This leads to an argument.

    Hallucinations and delusions are about the same thing. Weren't his "friends" imaginary and part of his hallucinations?

  • ms. sue -

    thanks ms. sue and yeah that be right he saw his friend, parcher person he worked for, and his friend's niece that did not exist.

    you please fix this sentence also

    Although John Nash starts to learn hw to distinuish between what is real and what is not. And begins to ignore his hallucinations.

    sentence not supposed to begin with and?

    for my conclusion this what i put

    in conclusion we see and learn about ways mental illnesses can effect your life, and relationships.

    how i make this longer and there be better word instead of saying in conclusion?

  • ms. sue -

    As John Nash starts to learn how to distinuish between what is real and what is not, he begins to ignore his hallucinations.

    You don't need the words "In conclusion."

    Both the film and the story show how mental illness can affect people's lives and relationships.

  • ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue :)

    ms. sue i only need help with my thesis statement now, i hve to mention these strong points in it, that john nash hve freedom in film when the character in story dont. she be isolated and her husband not let her go out do what she wished. john nash be able to spend his time doing what he want, and he do equations, trying to come up with own original idea.

    ^this be part of my other paragraph i not know how to add this to thesis without copying word for word.

  • ms. sue -

    A thesis statement is usually just one sentence.

    Freedom of movement provides a major contrast between John Nash in the film and the woman in the story.

  • ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue :)

    ms. sue for one part i write this

    The two main characters battle with their minds to get their sanity back.

    but this not real make sense because the character in story not even try to realize that she be having delusions. and john realize in very end and the he start to battle. what be proper statement i make?

  • ms. sue -

    The two main characters are overwhelmed by their psychotic visions.

  • ms. sue -

    thanks very much ms. sue :D hve a good night!

  • ms. sue -

    You're very welcome, Mohammad. You have a good night, too. :-)

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  • ms. sue -

    What I mean is that I had seen this and it was 11:03 here...

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