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which african nation lies to the south of Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar?
ghana. nigeria, morocco, egypt

which of the following is NOT true of Spain's climate? a. due to its high elevation, the Meseta in central spain has an extremely wet climate. b. most atlantic winds rising over the Cantabrigian Mountains in the northeastern section of the country bring ample rain to this region
c. dry african winds blowing over the land will make southeastern spain the driest region in the country.
d. most of spain has a meditteranean climate of mild, rainy winters and hot dry summers.

,y answers: 1)morocco 2)d ami i right

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    I agree.

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    Well, your #1 is correct; but i am not sure about your #2
    hope this helped :)

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    Thank you very much Nataly and Thank you very much Ms. Sue.

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