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How do i responsed to Ce soir tu vas regarder la tele?

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    I sent this to Mme (SraJMcGin)

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    If you have difficulty answering questions, I suggest to try this 4-step procedure.
    1. Look at the French.
    2. Translate into English = This evening you are going to watch television?
    3. Answer FIRST in English = Yes, I'm going to watch television OR No, I'm not going to watch televions.
    4. Now try it in French = Oui, je vais regarder la tele. OR Non, je ne vais pas regarder la tele. (it's more difficult to answer negatively.)

    And if you have time and the inclination, try step 5 where you look at the answer and come up with the question. You WILL eventually be given this exercise, so the sooner you practice it, the better!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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