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italy- 6th grade

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1) what environmental changes have occurred in Italy??

2) how has the success of metal goods industries in Italy helped the country's economy?

3) what is happening to Venice?

4) describe the economic activities that make northern Italy a profitable region.

5) why have Italian goods been successful in foreign markets??

6)why has ther4e been a lot of internal migration within Italy??

7) what are tourists attracted to in each of the three regions of Italy?

My ANSWERS::::::
1) trees that once covered hillsides have been cleared for space and fuel. also soil erosion has been caused by overgrazing by sheep and goats.

2) the boom in the metal goods industries has boosted Italy's steel industry and helped the growth of many smaller factories that supply parts and machinery.

3) Venice is sinking. the process is called subsidence, a geological phenomenon in which the ground in an are sinks

4) northern Italy includes the Po Valley and the Alps, This region is where most of the commercial industry in the country it is found. It is also home to the ski resorts and profitable dairy farms. the historic and romantic city of Venice is a major tourist attraction and is also located in the North.

5) Italy's low costs allowed goods to be exported at lower prices. creativity also played a role in the success of Italian merchandise. Italian businesses developed new styles, designs, and methods for making their products. These innovations made italian products more attractive to foreign markets.

6) workers have moved from the poorer southern regions to the northern provinces in order to find jobs in factories.

7) I guess the foods, wines, gardens, art galleries.... Things like that with so much value and important, that is so unique.

Am I right?? please help, thanks to any and all help

  • italy- 6th grade -

    Your answers are right.

  • italy- 6th grade -

    okay. Thank you Ms. Sue.

  • italy- 6th grade -

    The growth of smaller factories that supply parts has been helped by the success of Italy’s _____.

  • italy- 6th grade -

    The growth of smaller factories that supply parts has been helped by the success of Italy's

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