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I'm looking for a job that you write a story, poem, etc. and create an art work for a magazine and you get paid. FOR TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS ONLY!!!

BTW - My sister is in high school and she is looking for that kind of job.

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    Laruen -- did you know that even most adult writers and artists do not make money writing stories or poems or creating art work?

    If you want to make money, babysit or work at McDonald's.

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    I'm not going to work at McDonald! That for those people who don't have a good education, stack off in school! They end up making about 10-20 dollars! Not enough money

    my teachers said that people who work their don't have a good education, stack off in school!

    you need a good job that you can make a lot of money

    btw - that not even my career, working at Mcdonalds... yeah right like that's going to happen

    BTW - artist and authors do make money, many authors make many money when they write books,

    artist make money too you know,

    by selling their art work or having an art show for people to see

    i'll find research myself then

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    and besides they are magazine jobs

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    i don't have a job, but i win awards with poetry. maybe you could enter contests and try and get published. go to auctions and sell artwork......... there ar4e lots of choices. im 12 and i have won a lot for my writing.... i hope to make a living like this........... get more published

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    Laruen, my best friend wrote articles for noted magazines. He also wrote nine published books. Neither he nor his illustrator made enough money to make a living.

    Many successful people worked in fast food restaurants when they were in high school and college.

    Good luck!

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    Lauren: All arguments are very good points made by both sides. And yes, it is hard to make a living as an artist or writer. They aren't called starving artists for nothing.

    On the other side, if art and creativity are your passion, nothing less will ever satisfy you. (And honestly, who really wants to work in fast-food?)

    If I can make a suggestion, go with what feels right to you. Anyone can tell you no. No one makes the choice but you. Search around. Submit your work at fairs and galleries and to magazines for teens and young adults. Even if you get refused - even if you make little to no money - you are doing what you love. And I don't mean to sound like a Sappy-Sally here, but it will eventually work out.

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