6th Grade History

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1) a priest who brought Christianity to Ireland

2) a separation of the two most important branches of

3) from this country monks traveled the continent of Europe
establishing monasteries. name the country?

4)an iconoclast, or image breaker, is known today as someone who
attacks traditional

5) Byzantines believed that their emperor

6) images honored by some of the Christians of Jesus, Mary,
or saints

8)to declare that a person or group no longer belongs to a church

9) byzantine people

10) in the eastern orthodox church icons were

My answers:
1) Patrick
2) schism
3) Ireland
4) beliefs or intuitions
5) represented Jesus Christ on earth
6) icons
8) excommunicate
9) loved to talk about religion
10) once forbidden

Am I right?? Please help with this.

  • 6th Grade History -

    4. should be beliefs and institutions

    I don't know about 9 and 10.

  • 6th Grade History -

    answer cjoices for 4, 9, and 10.

    4) a. religious icons, b. governments, c. religious laws, d. beliefs or intuition

    9)a. were very secular, b. never went to church, c. loved to talk about religion d. agreed about the use of icons

    10) a. once forbidden, b. always against religious law, c. never important, d. iconoclasts

  • 6th Grade History -

    4) I just questioned whether you meant intuition or institution.

    I still don't know about 9). You may be right about 10).

  • 6th Grade History -

    10) very important

  • 6th Grade History -


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