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Identify two parts of chapter 10 that struck you the hardest from Frederick Douglass’ descriptions. Create a T Chart with quotes on the left and your response on the right.

1) What should be done about the newly freed slaves? Should they get something (land, jobs, etc.) from the government?
2) How should the Confederates (those who wanted to seceed from the Union) be handled? Jail? Excused from war crimes?
3) Is education of the citizens a priority? What about blacks? What about women?
4) Who should pay to rebuild the railroads, buildings, and homes that were destroyed during the war?
5) What other issues might be on the minds of citizens in both the North and the South now that the slave economy is gone? Will the price of cotton go up? Will there be more jobs? Less?
Think about these ideas, and pretend you are President. Develop a plan of action that the government can follow to help rebuild the nation
Write your own short persuasive speech on a topic of your choice. You should choose a topic you feel strongly about. Underline uses of rhetorical devices in your own speech, using the coding system you used for the famous speeches.

1. Find a line that shows that Mr. Covey did not care that Douglass was too sick to work. (Chapter 10)
2. Find a line that shows that Master Thomas did not believe Douglass’ complaint against Mr. Covey. (Chapter 10)
3. Find a line that shows that Mr. Covey was scared of Douglass. (Chapter 10)
4. Find a line that shows that Douglass enjoyed teaching other slaves to read. (Chapter 10)
5. Find a line that shows that Douglass remained calm and collected when caught trying to escape. (Chapter 10)
6. Find a line that shows that Douglass was pleased with Master Hugh’s reaction to the story of the beating at the shipyard. (Chapter 10)
7. Find a line that shows that Douglass resented handing over his hard earned money to Master Hugh. (Chapter 10)
8. Find a line that shows that Douglass was determined to make his final escape attempt work. (Chapter 11)
9. Find a line which shows that Douglass did not feel at ease even when he made it to freedom. (Chapter 11)
10. Find a line that shows that Douglass unfavorably compared the slave labor of the South with the paid labor of the North. (Chapter 11)
Write a journal entry in your WLJ speculating on the question:
How do you think Douglass adjusted to the life of a free man after a life of slavery?

Choose which metaphor or simile throughout the unit that you think is the most effective in communicating an idea. You will:
Illustrate the metaphor or simile.
Record the sentence or phrase which contains the figurative language.

Write a short explanation of why you find the metaphor or simile so apt.
Write a persuasive speech about an issue that is important to you
Reflection: What Should Be Done with the Freed Slaves? Then, formulate your own idea about what to do with the freed slaves.

Create a comic strip showing your reaction to this injustice of the experience of a black voter

Pretend you are reporters on Capitol Hill during Reconstruction. Your assignment is to write a brief half page article on:
who the Radical Republicans were,
what they wanted to accomplish,
and what legislation they created.

View the chart within the session to make five observations and draw a conclusion for each.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

  • Lauguage arts and History -

    Um Well anyhow i guess but in a correct anwsers. Thank you!

  • Language arts and History -

    That's ridiculous and impossible!

    * We don't know what Chapter 10 is.
    * We don't know what struck YOU.

    In addition, we do not do homework assignments.

  • Lauguage arts and History -

    Chaper ten of Frederick Douglass and its not a homework assiment i need homewrok help. and its not ridiculous and impossible! So please Do this for me and thanks!

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