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The anti-federalist were against ratification of the constitution mostly because?
A. they were anarchists
B. their experiences under British rule
C. they felt the states should have less power
D. they were against proportional representation

I think well A or D cause of well my statement the anti federalists had 4 major objections to the constitution what were they???
The Anti-Federalists thought that the constitution would give the national government too much power at the expense of the state governments. They also thought that the necessary and proper clause was too general. Another argument that the Anti-Federalists made was that throughout history, the only places where republican governments worked had been in small communities and that free government requires the active participation of the people. One other reason is that the constitution does not include a bill of rights and they thought a bill of rights is necessary to protect people against the power of the national government.

Connecticut Compromise, New Jersey Plan & Virginia Plan What are they?

A.State representation proposals
B.Features of charter colonies
C.Trade regulation proposals
D.Anti-federalist objection to the constitution

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    1. If you know the meanings of "anarchist" and "proportional representation," the answer will be clear.


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    The Anti-federalists were against ratification of the constitution mostly because

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