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If you weigh 650 N on the earth, what would be your weight on the surface of a neutron star that has the same mass as our sun and a diameter of 15.0 km ?

Take the mass of the sun to be ms = 1.99×10^30 kg, the gravitational constant to be G = 6.67×10^−11 Nxm^2/kg^2 , and the acceleration due to gravity at the earth's surface to be g = 9.80 m/s^2 .

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    The mass of the man is 650/9.8 =66.33 kg.
    Theweight on the star is
    P = G•M•m/R^2 =
    = 6.67•10^-11•1.99•10^30•66.33/(7500)^2 =
    = 1.57•10^14 kg

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