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What do you call an angle more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees?

How many equal sides does an icosahedron have?

A farmer grows 252 kilograms of apples. He sells them to a grocer who divides them into 5 kilogram and 2 kilogram bags. If the grocer uses the same number of 5 kg bags as 2kg bags, then how many bags did he use in all?
72 bags
x=total number of bags
5(1/2 x) + 2 (1/2 x) = 252
2.5x + 1x = 252
3.5x = 252
x = 72 bags.

Are these correct?

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    You got an answer for x, but he used 1/2 x of each kind of bag.

    so, 36 of each bag.

    36(5+2) = 252

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