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Two circular metal disc each of 3.00 cm diamter are 1.5 mm apart make a capacitor.
A)What is the capacitance of this capacitor if it is in series to a 25 V battery?
B)What is the magnitude charge developing on each plate?
C)While the batter remains connected, the plates are pulled apart until the 2.5mm? Does the capacitance of capacitor change?is so what is it now?
D)What potential difference develops between the plates?
E)What charge develops on each plate?
F)Battery is disconnected and then plates are pushed together to 1.5mm.(think about whether it will be the charge on the plates or the potential across the plates that will remain constant in this scenario, as opposed to the situation above)
F) What is the capacitance now?
G)What potential difference develops between the plates?
J) how much energy is stored in the capacitor?
K) if at this time the capacitor is allowed to dischared through a 15 ohm resistor what will be the time contact fo this RC circuit?
L) how long will it be before half is discharged?

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