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Hi,I am giving in this work and so is my sister Zakiyya.Please check both of ours.
Q)You are the editor of a local weekly newspaper.
A national charity is planning to open a residential home for troubled teenagers in your area.Some local people have objected to the residential home.

Write an editorial ,in which you: Argue strongly in favor of opening the residential home.Persuade your readers that their fears are mistaken and their objections are groundless.

Why constantly worry about ourselves, when there are homeless teenagers in dire need of our assistance?This is the question a national charity have asked themselves and therefore have decided to open a residential home, named HTTN,which will offer these teens a chance to rebuild their lives.
Many people worry that they will disrupt the community, but I am strongly in favor of the home and believe it will make a difference.
Some people argue that teenagers are of no benefit to their lives. They worry that their bad behavior will invade schools and they will begin to harass young children.Not only this, they also say that there will be less safety in the community with 'problem teenagers' about.
Despite all their concerns,I completely disagree with these people for many reasons. Firstly, the youngsters will be kept busy at all times.Work experience will be provided, so they can return to school or begin working. This will fill up most their times. Apart from being educated, they will be taught how to live independently,thus learning to do housework and being able to tend for themselves as well.
Furthermore, the teenagers will be made to do voluntary projects, which will hopefully allow them to assist and benefit the community.On the other hand,,they themselves will be entertained by sports, activities etc.They will also be given medical help to treat any problems.
As was previously stated, I agree that the homeless should be helped.They may have faced hardships and family problems in the past,resulting to their departures of homes, therefore turning to street life,drugs etc. and this is why we should be aware of the problems and hardships they go through.

Please check and rate.

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    It looks good -- except for the oxymoron, "made to do voluntary projects."

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