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sally read 21 pages of a book on Satuday. She read 5/9 of the remainder on Sunday. If she still had 1/3 of the book left to read, how many pages were there in the book?

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    number of pages ---- x

    at end of Saturday, number of pages left = x-21
    she read 5/9 of those, leaving 4/9(x-21) pages

    but this is supposed to be 1/3 of the pages

    4/9(x-21) = (1/3)x
    times 9
    4(x-21) = 3x
    4x - 84 = 3x
    x = 84

    There were 84 pages in the book

    she read 21 pages on Saturday leaving 63
    on Sunday she read 5/9 of that or 35 pages
    leaving her with 28 pages to read
    and 1/3 of 84 = 28

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