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Suppose that black hamsters were found to be 70% of the population and the gray hamsters 30% of the population. Calculate the percentage of BB, Bb, and bb hamsters in the next generation.

- I don't know how to calculate the percentage of the genotypes.

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    a google search showed:

    This is a Hardy-Weinberg type question.

    The population is composed of RR, Rr, and rr individuals.

    To figure out genotypic frequencies, it's a matter of multiplying out the frequencies.

    Hardy-Weinberg says that the population frequencies are RR: 2Rr : rr or RxR: 2 x R x r: r x r.

    You have .7*.7:2*.7*.3:.3*.3
    = .49 : .42 : .09

    Not sure how this relates to the frequencies in the next generation . . .

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    BB (Homozygous dominent) 25% and Bb (heterozygous dominent) 50% and bb(homozygous phenotypic ratio is 3:1 and genotypic ratio is 1:2:1

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