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Phy 124 – Chapter 22 Problems
1. Consider the following.

A spot on a boat is 2.5 m above the water, and the light strikes the water at a point that is 8.0 m horizontally displaced from the spotlight. The depth of the water is 4.0 m. Determine the distance d, which locates the point where the light strikes the bottom. (The index of refraction for water is 1.333)
2. A source emits monochromatic light of wavelength 495nm in air. When light passes through a liquid, its wave length reduces to434nm. What is the liquids index of refraction?
3. a) Derive an expression for the wavelength λ of a photon in terms of its energy E, Planck’s constant h and the speed of light c.
b) What does the equation say about the wavelength of higher-energy photons?

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