Physics- Projectile motion

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Hi guys, Im not one to ask for help but i missed ALOT of school because I got sick and I was wondering if anyone could solve three problems for me and help me out!
Thanks in advance !
Problem 1-
A plane is dropping a supply of coconuts to survivors of the USS Minnow, who are stranded on a desert island. If the plane is 2km in the air and is traveling at 200 m/s, How far in front of the island should the supplies be dropped?
Problem 2- A watermelon is thrown off the 10th (40 meters above the ground) floor of a building. It is launched with a speed of 30 m/s at an angle of 40 degrees above the horizontal. How far away does it land?
Problem 3- A football is kicked at 25 m/s at an angle of 50 Degrees.
How fast is the football traveling when it strikes the ground and what direction is it traveling.
show work please.
and once again, I'm very grateful to anyone who will help me out! Im trying to do better in this class and I just happened to get sick:/

  • Physics- Projectile motion -

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