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first of all, i'm an esl student and i'm bad in making research paper. please give me advice on how i can improve.

here is my work that needs proof reading. ty

Fermentation has been used for many years to produce beverages such as wine. Fermentation in wine happens when the yeast converts carbohydrates into alcohol. Fermenting wine has its own benefits; it can prevent health issues such as heart attack, stroke cancer and other diseases. Here I’m going to discuss how the fermenting wine is made.

The first step starts with crushing grapes into juice. This step will determine the quality of the wine because it depends on the quality of the grapes more than any factors. The next step is fermentation; it is the secret formula for making wines. On this step, Yeast will be added to the juice and the grape juice will be allowed to ferment for one to two weeks. Once the fermentation is complete, the clarification begins. Clarification is a filtering process where it separates the grape juice and the skin of the grapes which is called “pomace”. The filtered grape juice will be transferred to another vessel, where it is ready for bottling

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