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Determine whether of not each compound will be more soluble in acidic soln than in pure water. Explain.

A). Hg2Br2
B). Mg(OH)2
C). CaCO3
D). AgI

I think acid, neutral,acid,neutral ???

Help please!:) thAnks

  • Chem!!!:/ -

    An acid, at least for this discussion contains H^+. So what will that combine with in a salt? It will combine with the anion, of course. So if the anion will react with the H^+, then it will be more soluble in an acid.
    Hg2Br2 will give HBr but that is a strong acid and will ionize 100%; no reaction. solubility not increased.

    Mg(OH)2. Add acid, it reacts with the OH part to make water, solubility increased by adding acid.

    I'll leave the other two for you.

  • Chem!!!:/ -

    Determine whether or not AgI will be more soluble in acidic solution than in pure water.

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