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The equilibrium constant Kc for the following reaction is equal to 0.20 at 250°C. Calculate the equilibrium constant Kp for the reverse reaction at the same temperature.
COCl2 (g) = CO (g) + Cl2 (g)

I'm sorry.. English is a second language for me. After solving for K'c and getting the equation Kp = K'c(RT)^delta n... When it says calculate Kp for the reverse reaction.. is it assuming that COCl2 = CO + Cl2 is already in that reverse equation given? or do I have to switch it in my solution and make it CO + Cl2 = COCl2 making the Delta n = -1 instead of 1.. Please help me clarify!

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    I think what you want to do is to reverse the equation, calculate the new Kc, then using that reversed equation convert the new Kc to Kp. That would be for the equation CO + Cl2 ==> 2COCl2

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